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Monday, June 05, 2006

welcome home

We were away and didn't have sex all weekend. So today it was good to know what would happen when he got home from work.

We had dinner and went to bed. We were shy. It was beautiful to see him naked and know his body would be mine. I lay back on the bed, and he touched me all over myself. I asked to see his dick. He knealed and showed me. I played with it. I rubbed it with spit on my hand. It felt like a vibrant wonderful thing, substantial and full of life. It changed, growing slowly. "I'm not in a hurry," I said. It had been days! I missed all of this.

"I want you to put it in my mouth," I said. He fucked my mouth. Then he would stop to pull and suck at my nipples. Then fuck my mouth again. I started to masturbate with my right hand as he fucked my mouth from the left.

I started to lick the underside of the head almost like licking a clitoris. He moaned and enjoyed it. We did this for a long time. I took myself to the edge of coming then stopped. Took myself there and stopped again. "Is it okay if I come?" I asked, and he said yes. I had planned for him to fuck me from behind, my favorite, but it wasn't working out that way.

"I might come," he said. "Is that okay?" I nodded and continued what I was doing. He controlled how far his dick as inside me while I changed the motions of my tongue. He started to spurt into my mouth and thrust his dick deeper. I quickened the motion of my hand and then slowed as the waves hit me and I cried out, his dick still spurting in my mouth.

Then he kissed me. He told me he had been in a trance, and he felt transformed. The sensations were in his entire body. It made him excited to know I was so excited.

I said that the way I was rubbing the underside of the head of his dick with my tongue was treating it like a clitoris and asked him if we're lesbians now.


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