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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Yesterday I made up a sex game. It was that we would take turns sucking one another--I would suck his dick, and he would suck my nipples--2, 4, 6, 8, and then 10 times. It was a really good game--you should try it. While he sucked my nipples, I jerked him off a bit. It was fun because each time you knew you'd get more and more. We like mounting anticipation.

Then we had sex with him on top of me, and I reached my hand in between us to touch my clitoris, and we came at the same time, which hadn't happened in months. It was wonderful, and wonderful just for something different. I liked to feel my clitoris as his cock made it swell and strain.

The other day I went down on him and made him come in my mouth. I was having a strong gag reflex that day and didn't swallow whatsoever. But it was lovely, and I have some pink tulips and white ranuculus to show for it. He's everything to me, and his cock specifically is everything to me. I'm so happy we're young, healthy, and alive. He says, "I want to fuck you forever," but I know we won't have bodies forever.


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