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Sunday, May 14, 2006

birth control for Mother's Day

The new birth control is a progestin-only pill sometimes called a mini-pill. My particular one is Nora-BE, which is the generic for Micronor. It's more important to take it at the same time every day than the conventional birth control pill, which is progestin and estrogen.

My reader brings up a good point about how maybe I should just get my tubes tied, and I was researching that yesterday, as well as a new procedure called Essure which has the same result as getting your tubes tied but without incisions. But it's too new for me to feel comfortable with.

Anyway, I am 29 years old and 99.9% sure I don't want kids, but I'm also 100% afraid of commitment. So I don't think I'll be getting fixed anytime soon. Maybe in another five or six years.

The procedure for vasectomy is a lot more simple and less expensive, but my husband's fear of commiment is as great as mine. "We've changed so much. I'm like a new person every six months," he told me yesterday in the shower. And he's right. I can't imagine changing into someone who wants to be a mother, but some really strange things happen....

Also, we don't have any support from family. My mom has been pressuring me to reproduce since I was about 18 year old. She very much wanted grandkids. Now she has two, provided by my brother and his girlfriend, but two isn't enough, and she would still be tickled pink if I had a kid or kids. Though she backed off a little when I told her that she really doesn't understand the extent of my mental instabilities. Mental health problems run in the family, both sides.


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