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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

accident II

We were lying in bed, in the early evening, exhausted from work and the minutiae of life. I asked him to rub his dick all over my body. I specifically wanted it on my butt, my breasts, and my face. My face was the favorite, since I could smell it and kiss it when it passed over my lips.

Then I watched him jerk off, which was beautiful. He put on a condom and went behind me. I pushed back, and we fucked like mad. His dick felt like heaven, more real and good than ever. I felt that life is for sex, and everything else is stupid. I watched his shadow on the wall, diffused in the sunlight. We moaned and breathed together. I was at the edge of coming for what felt like an hour but didn't. When his cries escalated and he came in me, I felt so happy.

But then we realized something strange had happened with the condom. He took it off and saw that as opposed to our previous problem, when it slipped off, this condom had a hole in it, and the head had passed through the hole, so that his entire load had been delivered in the deepest of my cunt. What an error!

I went to the shower and washed. I told him I wanted to come, and then we could talk about it. We lay in bed, and I rubbed my clitoris while he fucked me with the blue vibrator. When I came, he rested his head on my belly. My entire back arched, and my legs flew widest apart. I cried out long, even cries.

And then we cuddled and talked. I was just finishing up a period. All the hormone troubles I've had seem to be ending, so maybe I'm fertile after all. I considered taking my Plan B pack, but then my period gave an encore, so I thought maybe the sperm would just get flushed out with the blood.

But today my period is over, and I researched Plan B and saw that it's really not so bad--I thought it was an ordeal that made people really sick, but it's actually not very harsh or difficult. So I took the first pill around one and will need to set the alarm and take the second at one in the morning.

Then I scheduled an appointment at the women's health clinic to get on a low-dose birth control pill because these accidents are ridiculous. I really can't be a mother, for many reasons, though he would make a gentle, caring, brilliant father, I'm sure.


At Sunday, May 07, 2006 5:47:00 PM, Anonymous shelley said...

are you going to have children one day?
condoms seem like such an interference..

At Monday, May 08, 2006 10:15:00 AM, Blogger greenlacewing said...

We don't want to have kids, but we aren't ready for opperations. You're right--condoms are really an interference.


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