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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When he got home from work, we had dinner and took a shower. I sat on the edge of the bed, and he stood near with his clean, beautiful cock in my face. I went down on him.

I read recently about the base having a lot of sensitivity, so I was seeing how he reacted to all my stimulation of the base, and he did. I gently bit there, pushed tight around, and rubbed my lips there a little more than usual as I worked my mouth up and down him. I listened closely to his small sounds and went down on him for a long time, gagged a little when he was at his biggest, with little tears in the corners of my eyes. I ran my hands along his butt and gorgeous thick thighs and made my own sounds when I got very aroused from his.

Then we went to bed, and he looked at me with so much admitation and love for what I had done to him, keeping him on the edge of coming for so long. We lay there masturbating, and then he told me to get on all fours, when he mounted and fucked me from behind, which is what I had wanted and requested. He did it just the way I like, and I pushed back. He said, "Take it! Take it!" again, which is my new favorite imperative sentence.

I was wimpering and murmuring, very happy in the best way, but somehow my legs were collapsing, something was taxing me--something about our positioning wasn't quite right, and eventually my legs wore out, and I told him to come, which he did with sound and grace.

Then he held me, pushed on my g-spot, and sucked on my left breast while I masturbated and came gloriously. It was heaven for an hour. And it's the heaven I need. Then he went to the zendo to sit and hear a talk by someone he likes. It was a quiet night.


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