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Sunday, April 16, 2006

what Saturday is like

Yesterday was Saturday, and we had sex in the afternoon. We started in the bath and went to bed. He was behind me, and I felt so alive. He kissed my whole body and rubbed himself on my butt, which I like, and it was just heaven to feel thoroughly inhabited by him. When the penetration is so deep, and afterward I feel the most wonderful used feeling, used in the best way, that my cunt has served its pupose beautifully.

And we did it again right before we went to sleep, my idea, and he did take a little convincing. I told him the story from Toast about the boy going out to lookout point to watch people having sex in their cars. He was on top of me, and it was lovely. I told him to do whatever he wanted to make his cock feel good. I wanted to be turned on by seeing him selfish, and it was wonderful, though I'm not sure he was entirely selfish. I'll try harder next time.

But it is starting to run together occassionally. Before, when I was over-medicated and we did it once a week, I would remember the same scene for a week, but now it's hard to keep track.

I pity the poor downstairs neighbors. Last night it was a bit late, and I'm afraid they hate us. I really wish to have a house one day again.


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