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Friday, April 07, 2006

in the market

Yesterday he was in a bad mood from work. He just wanted to lie on the floor. But I had an idea of how to get the unhappy chemicals out and happy chemicals in. So we went to bed. He jerked off on my breasts and rubbed the semen into my nipples with I masturbated, and it was so nice, and nice to comfort him. He really felt better.

I have two vibrators, both bought from Early to Bed less than a year ago, my first. One's the big famous Hitachi, which I didn't realize was so big when I bought it. It's never really been used sexually--more just to massage sore shoulders. The other's a small Pocket Rocket that works well for stimulating my clitoris, but it got a little crack in it, which maybe is unhygenic. I'm in the market for a new vibrator.


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