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Monday, April 03, 2006


When he came home from work, I had a light dinner ready. We ate and took a shower. We rubbed eachother with our soapy hands.

Then we filled the tub for a bath. He rubbed lavender-scented oil into my breasts and hair. Then he jerked off onto my face. I kept my eyes closed because I didn't want him to come into my eyes. I was embarassed and didn't know if I should smile (like I wanted to) or if I was supposed to look serious.

Next we went to bed so I could masterbate. He put two fingers inside me slowly from behind while I rubbed my clitoris with a small vibrator. Coming was lovely. I had to make an effort to be quiet. I wish I knew better what the downstairs neighbors' schedule is so I could know when they're home.

Then he brushed my hair. He's only done it a few times, so he's still learning. But it makes me happy. I thought how since I can't have a girlfriend, he has to be my boyfriend and girlfriend at the same time.

I massaged the hurt spot on his left shoulder with Olbas oil. Then we rubbed eachother's feet with lotion. And dressed in clean, warm clothes and went for a dusk walk in the rain-wet streets. And came home for sandwiches.

I said, "This seems to be indulgence day." He said it's because the taxes are done. Last night we had an argument. It feels good to be close again today.


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