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Saturday, April 08, 2006


The highlight of yesterday's closeness was when he made love with my feet in the bathtub. We had done this before just briefly. But this time he came, and I had such a lovely view of it. And my feet felt so good! This is the best way to get a foot massage that I know of. Later I said, "I'll never look at my feet the same way again." I find myself caressing their arches more lovingly.

Also yesterday he fucked me from behind on the bed, and it was a really high level of pleasure that stayed steady for a really long time, until I sort of felt like I was in a trace--very otherworldly, in the best way. I found myself repeating certain phrases chant-like. So yes, even more religious than usual.

But it's requiring more effort to come, and we might take today off, though I can't imagine how I'll get through the day without him in my mouth.


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