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Saturday, April 15, 2006

his balls

I have loved his balls since first sight. They're so big and plump. I love when they're loose and soft. I rub my face on them and kiss them. They have a smell that's so earthy and makes me feel at home.

Yesterday after work, we relaxed in bed, talking about the day, and then I couldn't ignore his balls any longer. I kissed them and rubbed my face on them, taking deep smells of them, and they contracted, so I kissed his penis, the underside, and bit the base very gently. "Does it scare you when I bite?" I asked. He said no, he likes it. "What if I want to scare you?" I asked, and we laughed.

Then I rubbed him with my hand, and then I put him in my mouth, and I went down on him for a long time. When I got a little tired, I would use my hand for a while and then go back to using my mouth. I love to feel the changes in how hard he is and the changes in this breath and little sounds. I love when he says, "I might come" because then I feel excited. My cunt is responding to everything he does. And I love even more when he says, "I'm going to come," because I feel the most excited then.

His semen was bitter, and he told me, "That was transformative." I washed up, and then it was my turn.

Kitty was on a corner of the bed the whole time. The window was open, and wind blew into the room.


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