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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

my mechanic

I have a crush on my mechanic. This shouldn't surprise anyone, since my dad was a mechanic when I was a little girl. I like his intent gaze, no-nonsense manner, and the braid running down his back.

Not that I want to go to bed with my mechanic--just an excited feeling I notice, and I feel a little formal about him, extra-polite.

I tend to get crushes on authority figures: teachers in particular, an odd boss. Being intimidated makes me pay attention. This doesn't sound too healthy. But it's best we know it and can be aware....

Thinking about BDSM some more, I guess this would mean I'm submissive? Maybe getting submissive crushes wouldn't necessarily mean being submissive in bed.

Husband's the same way, crushes on teachers.


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