authentic experience

Saturday, May 06, 2006


This morning we took some erotic pictures of each other, which we had never done before--I think we were too afraid, if someone saw. But life's too short for those kinds of worries! And it was arousing and fun for both of us.

Pictures mostly of my breasts, and pictures of his dick, all in natural light, and I think they turned out very well.

Then I went down on him, and he took pictures of that too. Big and so real in my mouth.

Then we fucked in bed, and it was very lovely. "I belong to you," I told him.

"Take it," he said.

"Yes," I said.

It's easier to talk when we're face to face. I watched his expressions change, saw that almost-violent one I like so much, and when he came, I held him, then petted his hair. I masturbated and came, though I had a horrible headache that escalated the closer I got. So it was a mixed experience, interesting, and we lay there cuddling and looking at the pictures again.


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