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Thursday, May 11, 2006

state park

Everything's going perfectly with the new birth control--I've done a great job taking it at noon every day. Because the instructions said we would be okay after 48 hours, we've treated ourselves with some condom-free fucking--without coming, but it was heavenly to be so non-chalant and easy!

The first time, I sort of dared him, and we both felt delightfully surprised. It was only a couple minutes, and he said, "I think we need to stop now!" I begged for just a little more. We went on to fuck with a condom, him behind me, and what a sense of emotional opening--something about the position allows the best sex I've known, though we never come at the same time. I think it has to do with animals selves and trust. He's the only partner I've ever completely trusted.

Yesterday we were at a state park among the redwoods, and we went for a walk. At night, we had a fire, and when it got dark, my mind turned to sex--actually, my mind is always thinking of sex! I wake up thinking of it, and I usually fall asleep that way too.

But my mind turned to sex with more concentration. I showed him my breasts in the firelight. I asked him to take out his penis and went down on him. "Let's get away from the light," I said, and led him to the picnic table. But that's when the ranger's truck drove up. We reaggranged our clothing and hurried back to our chairs by the fire.

"State Ranger," he said. It was just the usual 8:45 visit to tell us what time we had to be out. This park has generous day use until 10. My husband did all the talking and said the appropriate things at the appropriate moments. I just started into the fire and kept myself from giggling.

When the ranger left, we started over. I showed him my breasts again, and he rubbed my nipples. He shoved his dick between my breasts. I led him to the picnic take and had him lie back as I went down on him. His cock was vibrant and responsive in my mouth as I worked up and down, holding him tightly, and feeling his excitement. Sex in the forest holds a certain charm for us, and I had a feeling he could come easily--I was right. He warned me, "I'm going to come," and I was happy as I forced him to, and held him in my mouth until the thrusting gushes were over. We rested that way.

Then I lay back on the picnic table and reached my hand into my pants to masturbate while he lay beside me and played with my nipples. I looked up into the tree shapes far overhead. It was a full moon, and the sky wasn't completely dark. I breathed the cold air and felt so alive as I worked myself into a shuddering orgasm with a quiet cry.

We spoke in whispers and cuddled on the picnic table. I rubbed my face on his face over and over. I ran my fingers through his short hair. We spoke of what we had done and used the innocent language of when we were younger. As if being close in the forest again had brought us to our younger selves. Or we were feeling too moved to say the words that are playfully coarse.


At Friday, May 12, 2006 1:25:00 PM, Anonymous Shelley said...

Maybe I missed something but what is "the new birth control"...the pill?

If you are sure you don't want children why don't you get your tubes tied?


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