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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

my breasts: an excerpt

This is section two of a longer essay I've been writing about my breasts.

They’re large and mostly round. They’re very soft, and less soft when the nipples are erect.

The skin is fair and filled with subtle stretch marks from my teenage years. The nipples and areola are pale.

I wear a bra only to work, seeing family or friends I don’t know very well, and to yoga. My most-worn bra is a loose pink sports bra, bought too big on accident.

My nipples can’t take a lot of stimulation at the beginning of sex, but after a few minutes, they love attention.

With poor posture I tried to hide them, but now I make an effort to push my shoulders back, which makes my breasts stick out, which is better for my muscles.

I admire them from above and in the mirror. They add joy to my shape. I caress them and let my husband do whatever he wants with them.

I remember the night he and I first got together. I was wearing my favorite green sweater. He rubbed his hands up and down the sides of my body. He touched my breasts before he kissed me.


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