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Monday, May 22, 2006

ice cream

Last night he was working at home. Our break was supposed to be ice cream. "I know something better than ice cream," I said and took off my shirt. He stared at my tits. I sat in my computer chair, and he carassed me, rubbing my nipples with this thumbs. He took his cock out and rubbed it on my breasts. He always says my nipples make him want to come on them. "Let's make your dream come true," I said, because in the morning he'd woken up from a dream that he was jerking off on my face.

It's easier to be close without penetration, both physically and emotionally, which makes it good for night. So we went to bed, and he played with my nipples while I jerked him off on my face and masturbated myself at the same time. We came at the same time again.

I like my attention to be so divided between his sexual building and mine, and I like when they become inseperable or conflated. I became more and more focused on his cock as he got closer to coming, aware with part of my brain that I was near coming also, but more in the background thoughts. He started to come, I saw his white semen shooting and dripping out, and I let myself come too, just a second later.

Some of his semen got in my hair. I always like that. We cleaned each other off with tissues and slept happier for this love.


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