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Saturday, May 27, 2006

this morning

He went between my legs and pushed his penis against my clitoris. He sucked my nipples, grabbed my right leg and pushed it back. He pushed his cock inside of me. This is a bad habit--we know how there's the little sperm in the pre-come. He pushed my wrists down and slipped in and out of me sweetly.

And then he got a condom and put it on and fucked me soundly. We spoke of how he could do whatever he wanted to me and fuck me as long as he wanted. I was so happy. And I offered to suck his dick. That was the first time we had intentionally taken off a condom without it being full of semen. I was afraid his dick would taste bad from the condom, but it was fine. I sucked away. I felt when he was about to come and didn't let him. I flicked my tongue around and tried to get it into the little hole. Then finally let him come.

He rubbed my cunt and found a good place on my clitoris that had been wanting his attention. At first, we were having a conversation about how nicely I had gone down on him, but the conversation dwindled as I was repetitiously mentioning god a lot. I have never been a screamer but came close today as I came on his hand.

Then we cuddled for a long time and talked about passion. "I think that was the way nature intended," I said because all that had occurred on natural lubrication, and I had more to spare. "But when you came in my mouth, that's not what nature intended!"

How nice a dick feels in a mouth or an ass is a design flaw? Or nature has accounted for this and gave us additional sex drive to compensate. It is so dumb to speak of what nature wants because of the complications of non-heterosexuality too. Sorry.


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