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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'twas the night before Christmas

Christmas Eve, he announced that he wanted to masturbate together. I was pleased and impressed because he initiates only rarely.

So we went to bed to jack off. We cuddled first, then got some lubricant and had at ourselves. I watched his cock in his hand. He looked beautiful, and I enjoyed the feeling of having no responsibility. I didn't have to do anything for him, only for myself. His pleasure was all his own. But we watched one another.

His cock in his hand looked more and more beautiful to me. I found myself longing to know what it felt like. I love my body, love being a woman, my cunt and its little clit. But I longed to know how it feels to have something that big, to wrap my hand around, to get a good hold of. I imagined it carefully. I rubbed myself while pretending to be him.

Somehow we got the idea that he should fuck me from behind while we lay on our sides. The idea was that since we're lying down, it takes less energy (he still wasn't feeling 100%, overly-exhausted from working way too many days in a row).

So we lay on our sides, and he got a condom and fucked me from behind. He gave it to me hard, and I loved it, to feel that gorgeous big cock inside of me after watching it so empathetically for so long. I took it and fucked him back.

It felt nasty, naughty, something forbidden about it--I couldn't tell you why. Maybe the way he thrust seemed selfish, or I was in a mood to feel used. I felt like a bad girl, doubled over on my side while my husband fucked me a bit roughly, but in a good way. The nastiness felt real and very comforting.

He fucked away at me, and his breathing got harder. I heard him say, I'm going to come, and he came inside of me, moaning with abandon, happy.

Then I masturbated again, and at the correct moment, he put his hand to me and made me come. The feelings were intense and brief, like being struck by lightning.

I was happy too. It was a wonderful way to get sleepy. This sex at night is really a good idea--I don't know what we had against it. And a fine merry Christmas.


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