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Friday, November 17, 2006

intense fuck after a few days of abstaining

Today I heard from a friend S when he read here that I had never had anal sex--he was surprised, and told me all about it, with encouragement to use lots of lube. I found his advice very sweet and hope to one day win my husband over. He has strong taboos about the anus.

Meanwhile, I learned a new word online today, squick, to refer to boundry-crossing yuckiness, that which repulses. I am easily squicked when it comes to pictures of people hurt during BDSM play, for example.

Lately we have been having sex face to face, with him on top, and we talk throughout. As for what turns me on during sex, sound is very important.

We somehow interrupted our recent schedule of every-other-day, and that can create a self-perpetuating situation. The importance of sex fades into the background because of the stress of life, and background is not where it belongs--if there's anything that can heal me from the stress of life, it's a passionate fuck.

So we were behind schedule, and I asked, Do you want to be close? We were nervous, as if we were shy school children.

Yes, he said.

Would you get a condom? I asked. They're on his side of the bed.

We kissed and touched. I wasn't feeling horny, but I knew that when it hit me, it would feel really, really good. Delaying sex has the unavoidable result of making my whole body flood with the happy chemicals of the pleasure of it.

He fucked my mouth. His cock felt so young and healthy. His balls smelled wonderful. He got hard in my mouth and pushed his cock deep inside my mouth, into my throat, cutting off my air for a second, and I felt very close to him, trusted. I was entering the mindset of someone who is going all the way, to the most extreme present-ness she can feel.

He got lubricant and rubbed my clit. My cunt was feeling sore and somewhat raw despite the days of rest--I must have been squeezing it between my legs a lot while fantasizing.

My clit got hard and erect very quickly, and I was gasping and begging within seconds. He stopped and put his cock in my mouth again, fucked my mouth for a while, and stopped suddenly. I knew he was stopping so he wouldn't come. He wanted to fuck my cunt as much as I wanted it.

He rubbed my clit some more, making me cry out and strain my body toward him, and fucked my mouth one more time before climbing between my legs, putting the condom on his dick, and slipping inside of me.

Oh, god, I said.

God, he said back to me.

I love your cock, I said.

I love you, he said.

Oh god, I said. His cock was so thick and real inside of me. Give it me, I said.

I'm going to give it to you, I said, and fucked me harder.

I've wanted you for so long, I said.

I've wanted you for so long, he said. He pumped between my legs. I love the weight of his body on me. I love to caress his back as he fucks me, touch his hair, grab and hold his strong upper arms.

Give it me, I said.

Take it, he said. We looked into one another's eyes.

I want your cock, I said. I love your cock.

I love your cunt, he said.

God, you're so good, I said.

You're such a good fuck, he said.

I shifted the position of my legs. We groaned and grunted as we fucked. My entire body was filled with excited happiness.

It feels so good, I said. Yeah, yeah, oh my god.

Yeah, he said. Yeah. He sucked my nipple as he fucked me.

I want it, I said.

Take it, he said. His lip curled into something like a sneer. He fucked me quickly, to the point of delirium. We were in some other world, a world of only sex. Take it! he said.

Please, I said.

Take it, he said.

Yes, please, please, I said.

He pounded me, and his face was beautiful as the feelings overtook his body. I'm going to come, he said.

Come in me, I said. Please.

Aahhh, ahhhh, ahhhhr, ahhhhhhhr, he groaned and grunted as he pounded his cock into me. I watched his face as he slowly relaxed.

He lay down beside me and said, That felt so good, as he touched my tits and I rubbed my clit. It felt happy that it was my turn to come. I arranged the pillows to support my right arm and took my time, rubbing my clit sweetly as I rubbed my face on his face and smelled his neck.

Mmmm, I said, as I knew that coming was imminent. You touch, I said, and moved his hand to my cunt.

He rubbed my clit quickly, and I began whimpering. I'm going to come, I said. You're going to make me come. I imagined the thickness of his cock pumping in and out of me as the intense waves hit me, and I came on his hand as he continued to rub and stroke my clit with his sweet, beautiful fingers.


At Saturday, November 18, 2006 5:04:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, I know the feeling, just had a few days off any sexual activity and yesterday I had to get off. love it ;)

At Friday, November 24, 2006 1:52:00 PM, Blogger Krysta said...

As far as anal goes, I've only just recently crossed that threshold. Queen absolutely refuses, and King was interested, and I was too.... so why not? The first time was a little uncomfortable (only at first though) and I swear to the gods that it was one of the best getoffs I've ever had when we were done. The second was for my birthday with no one else around. It was much less uncomfy, and yes, LOTS of lube!!!!

So here's to an even more healthy sex life!

Also, I wanted to let you know that the privacy of my blog has been compromised by the ex, so until things cool off there shall be no more updates. He blasted our real names in a comment, and what's the use of a psudonym if not to keep things private!!!!

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 8:44:00 AM, Blogger greenlacewing said...

Krysta, I'm so sorry to hear about bad bevavoir on the part of your ex. I look forward to reading your posts when they happen again. Thanks for telling me about your god experiences with anal sex.


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