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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

an incredible fuck

I said I wasn't in a hurry. I was masturbating, and he masturbated too, on his knees at my left. I watched his hand on his dick, the rhythm of his stroking. He waved it in my face. I said, You're very good looking.

Then I realized that I actually was in a hurry. Do you want me from behind? I asked.

Turn over, he said. He put on a condom and pushed into me. It surprises me a little, hurts a little when he first goes in, but in a good way. I like to hear the small cry come out of my mouth and feel my body's first rush of the pleasure of being penetrated.

He grinded deep inside of me. Oh god, oh god, I said. Always before he would sort of lean back and watch his dick going in and out of me. But this time, he was leaning forward--his body was against my butt the whole time, and something about it--the angle, the deepness of the thrusts--had me very religious, dazed, and at the edge of coming as I grunted like an animal and took it hard, transformed into a creature of complete sexual feeling.

Oh god, oh god, I said, and whimpered. I felt deeply loved with his body against mine, and I had never felt so thoroughly fucked and taken. It went on and on. I grabbed at the bed and gripped the pillow under my chest. I heard his sounds and knew it felt so good for him also. The small part of my mind still capable of thought wondered why this was so different and why he was so excited. I didn't care but only wanted it to go on forever.

He would stop sometimes, pushed farthest into me, and I knew he was trying not to come so he could keep fucking me. He would push into me as deep as possible, stop, and then fuck again with more vigor, go through the cycle repeatedly.

I felt I really would come, somewhat prayed for it, lived at the edge of it, and then he said, I might come and did, ramming it into me with shuddering thrusts that made me feel emotionally satisfied. Then he put his hand to the condom and I fucked him back a little longer.

Can you touch my clit? I asked. He did but was unpractised from that direction. I took over and rubbed it myself, asking him, Will you penetrate me? What a question. He fucked me with two fingers as I rubbed my clit, still in the mind-numbing ecstacy of the profound fuck I has just endured and that really was continuing, only with his fingers, until I got off, shouting and coming and shuddering, my face grinding into the pillow as I cried.

Jesus christ, it had never been better. I had tender words to say when I recovered the power of speech and asked why it had been so different. He had no insight to provide but the way he kept his body against my body as we fucked.

We cuddled and talked for a long time. That was incredible is the sexual cliche that I found myself repeating. My feeling was of bliss and awe. I got horny again as we discussed it afterwards. But we were exhausted and had work to do. So we rested and then worked.

Later I made banana pancakes.


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