authentic experience

Sunday, June 11, 2006

his fantasy

He wanted to enact a fantasy like my primary fantasy of being young and used. He lay back on the bed with his arms up over his head.

I blindfolded him and sucked his dick for a long time, rubbed it with my hand, licked it up and down, went down on him some more, rubbed my tits on his dick, and told him lots of admiring sentences.

You're prefect, you're so beautiful.

I love your dick, it's so thick, it smells so good, it feels so good.

Is this what you wanted? Did you want your dick played with this way?

Then I put a condom on him and fucked him soundly. Sometimes my nipples would graze his chest as I rode. I loved how it felt to do whatever I wanted with him and told him so.

I've always wanted to fuck you like this, I told him. Do you like this cunt you're getting? He said he did.

I rode up and down his dick, fast and thorough. I humped it deep. You're so good, I said. He started to make more sounds, and I knew I could make him come soon. I intensified my efforts. His arms slightly twitched. He moaned quietly, and I rode him hard as he came in me. His hand went to his dick for the condom. I fucked him a little more--it was hard to know when the coming started to fall away without being able to look into his eyes. So I kept going a bit for good measure.

We took off the blindfold and talked about it while I touched my cunt and rubbed my clit until I came. I loved not knowing what you were going to do next, he told me. It was night. It was late. We went to sleep after the nighttime rituals.


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