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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

right away

When he got home from work yesterday, we took off our clothes at the door. We went to bed immediately. Yet there were delays. Do you need a snack? I asked. He had a banana and touched my breasts. Do you need to wash? I asked. He decided he wanted to.

I went to the computer to look at porn while he took a shower, but I got sidetracked in a discussion of race and porn. Before I knew it, he was clean, and we went back to bed. He smelled so nice from the new linden soap.

I went down on him as he fondled my nipples and I masturbated. His dick was lovely and eager in my mouth. This is a variation of what I described enjoying last time--rather than him knealing behind me, he lies on his side to my left, and I suck his dick that way. So I don't have his balls on my nose, or the feeling of remarkable vulnerability, but he's more comfortable.

I might come, he said, as I energetically went down on him. I slowed, hoping to delay him. I was about to come too. We were very horny, and he said, I'm going to come and spurted into my mouth. I let myself come at the same time, and it was beautiful, though difficult to keep going down on him as my body was overwhelmed by intense, incapacitating pleasure, and we had some miscommunication about where I wanted his hands.

It was over quickly. I was a little sad because I had felt a lot of energy like I could have fucked for hours. I put his semen into a tissue. We cuddled and talked, very physically peaceful.

Then we got up, I looked at porn some more, and I started laughing as I read the FAQ of a guy who does autofellatio. Someone asked him if sucking his own dick made him gay, and I thought that was a really funny dumb question. So I showed my husband some of the pictures, and joked with him about yoga and if he would like to be able to do that.

Later we found ourselves in bed again, and I told him about the discussion of race and porn, and he told me how much he likes when I share with him my experiences of viewing porn, and it arouses him. He was wearing some blue flannel boxer shorts. Do you have a boner? I asked, and touched his dick through his shorts.

Of course, it's difficult to stop touching his dick once I start. I felt it grow to its full length and width through the soft fabric, and I liked the way it looked, poking and straining. I always like touching him through clothes, and being touched through clothes myself.

But I took his chonies off, and touched his dick with spit on my hand, and went down on him again. I have a hard time keeping him out of my mouth. His dick was so nice and familiar after already going down on him two hours before.

Want to be close again? I asked. We went to the livingroom to take advantage of the air conditioning there. I got on all fours on the floor. He put a condom on and fucked me joyfully from behind, so I was very happy, because that's what I wanted originally. We went at it for a long time, and he moaned as he gave it to me good.

When he was at an apex of excitement, I told him to come in me, and remarkably, he didn't protest--remarkably because that's against current policy (I'll have to ask him about that). He checked if the condom was on properly and gave me his all, came loudly, to my great happiness, though probably not the neighbor's. I heard some noises from downstairs--doors slamming, either a coincidence or anger.

Then I masturbated as he spoke caringly to me and touched my nipples. He sucked my left nipple, and I worked dilligently for my second orgasm of the evening, rubbing the hell out of my clit, whimpering, and when I did finally come, it was small reward, a flood of pleasure over quickly as if my body believed I had already had my due, though I wouldn't have had it any other way, and it's better to have come small than not to have come at all....

Later yet, I was telling him about the prostate gland and telling him how men can come dry and some describe the orgasms as more intense and powerful than regular ones. Finally I seem to have convinced him to let me in his ass! He's interested.

It's been so long I've been trying to interest him in anal sex, not that I want him to fuck me in the ass, but that I want to do him. So I feel one step closer to that goal. And we got sort of aroused again, but there was no way we were going to go for round three on a school night.


At Wednesday, August 09, 2006 5:40:00 AM, Blogger Witness said...

I think a lot of guys would love it if their women openly admitted to watching porn and talked about it with their partner.


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