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Monday, July 10, 2006


This is something I have been enjoying lately: I lie on my back, and he's on his knees behind my head. He puts his dick in my mouth and touches my breasts as I rub my clit. I like the feel of his dick in my mouth, his balls on my nose, and his hands have a complete freedom as they touch my breasts. I feel vulnerable in a way that gets me off, entirely bare to him.

The last two times we've done this, I have come before him, which is unusual. I always like to take care of him before getting to come myself. Once he has come, I feel I can really concentrate and focus on myself.

But lately, I've been very aroused and came first. I think it's because I really like my nipples to be touched both at the same time, for quite a while, and the vulnerability I mentioned before.

When I can't continue any longer, I ask him to hold me. He squeezes me in his arms, his entire body against mine, and I feel safe as I allow the orgasm to flood my body with intense, scary joy and I convulse. Convulse is such an ugly word, but what do I mean. Strange involuntry muscle movements in my whole body at the same time as my mind is entirely occupied. Or unoccupied.

So then after I come, I jerk him off onto my tits. And we clean up and cuddle and go to sleep. After sex I'm usually sleepy or hungry. Sometimes both. We're very much cuddle-sleepers, which is difficult when it's so hot....


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