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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

to fuck after the weekend

We had not had sex all weekend because of the trip. We were not in suspense about what would happen when he got home from work Monday night. He gave me that look I love. He stared at my breasts a second longer than usual and made comments when my shirt was off.

We took a shower and went to the livingroom to kiss. He caressed my shoulders and rubbed his dick on my belly. We lay down on the floor. He rubbed his hands up and down the sides of my body. He sucked and rubbed my nipples, which made my clitoris attentive.

I opened my mouth to suck his dick. He put it in. I licked and lapped the underside where the head meets the shaft, which made him say Oh god. He rammed it into my mouth, and I could feel the softness of the skin, and delicate veins, and communed with him in this way.

We stopped so he could play with my tits some more. I reached my hand to my cunt and told him how wet it was. My clit was swelled like a fat little berry. I sucked his dick some more. You're such a good cocksucker, he told me. (Cocksucker in a compliment in our family.) I listened to him moan and tasted his pre-come. I knew what I was doing to him and enjoyed every second of it.

He played with my tits again, and I told him how I wanted it. He fucked me from above. I told him how I always wanted such a good man between my legs and always wanted such a nice dick in my cunt. He told me how he always wanted to spread the legs of such a good woman.

I watched his facial expressions change as he fucked me. You have such a good cunt, he said. We moaned. He did it fast and watched my tits jiggle. I turned my head to the side and quietly wailed as he did it deep.

I asked for a break. We drank water. I sucked his dick again, and it was beauiful and slick. He put on a condom and fucked me from behind. He told me It feels so good to fuck you, and told me Take it! We went this way, and his dick was so deep inside of me. Sometimes it hurt, and I enjoyed the pain as it felt very real, not too extreme, and a good undercurrent to the experience.

But I asked for another break. We drank more water. (It's in the 100s here. The air conditioner is only so effective.) I sucked his dick and jacked him off while I masturbated. I was at the edge of coming, and he was too. His dick felt so real and true in my hand. His dick felt like the entire world to me. I had to stop rubbing my clit so I wouldn't come. And I had to stop jacking him off so he wouldn't come.

I told him to fuck me again, and he did. I heard him behind me, putting the condom on, and wiggled at him until he positioned himself so close and slipped it in. We continued. I fucked back hard to make him come, and he cried out as he came in shuddering jerks, holding onto my ass and moaning for a long time. (I though men only came for a little while. He seems to come as long as I do.)

Then we lay side-by-side, and his hand went to my cunt. He rubbed my clit like his life depended on it. Slow, I said. I rubbed my nipples and felt close to him. The feeling rose in me, the inevitablity, and I whimpered.

My legs opened a little wider and my entire body convulsed as a screamy shriek came from within me and he made me come with the sweet middle finger of his left hand. Pleasure flowed through my body as my heart pumped it through.


At Thursday, June 29, 2006 6:35:00 AM, Blogger Fat Controller said...

I just love that phrase '(we) went to the livingroom to kiss'. Rather than just kissing there on the spot, you have the thrill of anticipation. You are going to that specific place for one purpose and one purpose only...

On the subject of drinking water, try taking a mouthful of ice-cold water, slowly taking his cock in your mouth while it is still full and then let the water dribble down his cock. I promise you, it'll blow his mind!


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