authentic experience

Thursday, June 15, 2006


He took a shower. I set out the lubricant and three condoms, one unwrapped, and lay naked on the bed, waiting.

He came into the bedroom, and I watched him dry off. He's beautiful. His shoulders are broad and strong. His thighs are muscular and actually huge--he has gorgeous legs. His tum is large and true. His balls are immense, and his dick is perfect. He's the most beautiful white color and very honest, open, dear.

I asked him to touch my breasts from behind and bite me on my neck and shoulders. I stood facing the wall with my arms up and hands on the wall, sometimes leaning my head on the wall, as his hands ran up and down my body and he started to kiss my neck and shoulders.

Bite, I instructed. He's not the best at multi-tasking and would sometimes lose track of what he was doing as he groped me, bit me, and rubbed his cock on my ass all at the same time. Open your mouth, I said. Biting did not come naturally for him. I think he needs more practice.

This was a sure-fire way to wake up my cunt, and after a little while of this, I got on the bed on all fours. He went behind me and made fucking motions on me, but I was interested in being actually fucked as soon as possible and instructed him to do so.

Spank me, I said. Harder, I said.

I waited for the first penetration, not knowing when he would enter me. He put on a condom and entered me hard. I cried out.

He fucked me beautifully. I listened to his breathing and sounds. I listened to my own. We enjoyed ourselves. He grabbed my ass and my waist as he rammed it in. Mostly his hands rested on my lower back or near the pad of extra fat at the base of my spine. I felt loved and known as he fucked me deeply.

I wanted to come and twisted the top half of my body to the right so my right hand could reach my clit. I rubbed myself as he continued to fuck me from behind, and my clit felt large and vibrant. I was concerned that the angle was less pleasant for him as I had tilted my pelvis a bit so I could reach my clit. The experience was definitely different: no longer so animal. I felt more human and person-ish.

But I wanted to come and felt the intensity change as I started to climb that hill. His sounds and breathing were more excited than ever, so I knew what I was doing was okay. I got closer and closer. A twinge of fear hit me. Coming is often a little scary for me. Can I do that? Can I feel so much, will it be safe? I wonder. But there's no choice: I'm going to come, and I can.

I love you. I'm going to come, I told him as he fucked me true. I could tell he was excited. In the midst of all the motion, something in me was still.

Then I went over and a loud, crying sob came from my mouth as I felt the wave of pleasure in my entire body, hitting me to my toes and my teeth but hot-white in my cunt, waves and waves of it. My sob went on and sounded like pain. It tapered off.

I wondered vaguely if he had come, and then I heard his sounds that meant he was coming then, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, to know I was part of it.


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