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Saturday, June 17, 2006

sex zine

Yesterday we fucked my new favorite fucking-style of him behind me with his body up against my ass, just as deep as can be, and so luxurious so we both go into trances. We fucked until my knees were numb and then some more. He came inside me, and then he fucked me with two fingers as I rubbed my clit and sweated and whimpered until finally my cunt had enough and I came. Boy is it hot here. The heat's so extreme it makes me feel sick sometimes.

I finished my sex zine, and I like it, I like it. I still need to copy and bind it, though. I have never seen a zine like it, so I don't know how it will be received, if at all. I think the line-drawings are nice, and the writing's good, so I should be fine. Email me an address if you want a copy of the finished product. Most of the writing has already appeared here, but the postscript is new. It contextualizes my project a little and speaks abstractly about what I'm trying to do.


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