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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yesterday we had sex on the living room floor. I decided I wanted to come first before he fucked me and see how that felt. But that plan was overtaken by another. His belt happened to be on the floor right there, so I asked him to spank me with it. He did it gently, and it stung only a little but was fun for the novelty of the leather on my ass.

Then we decided to pretend we were at the beach, and I was a girl, and he was a teenager, and he was going to have his way with me--I pretended to be a little scared--it got me really aroused and ready. It was all talk. When he actually penetrated me, the fantasy fell away, and the fuck was lovely. Afterwards I masturbated and came loudly.

This morning I was lying in bed, and he came into the bedroom to do some chore, and I grabbed his package through his pants. I was happpy to feel it grow and poke as I rubbed it. Why don't you bone me real quick? I asked. We laughed and took off our clothes. He did bone me, and I liked how it felt to have the straightforward fucking as he plunged into me over and over again, on top of me.

You're such a good husband, I said. You keep me so nicely fucked.

You're such a good wife, he said. We were sweaty and dirty, so it felt nasty and good that way. I told him to come in me, and he rammed it deeply and moaned well.

Then I masturbated and put his hand there when I was about to come so it would be his doing. We were sleepy, but it was too hot to sleep!


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