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Sunday, July 02, 2006


We've had a joke around here for years about putting tahini on his weenie. Do you know tahini? It's like peanutbutter but made of sesame seeds and more liquid with a different taste.

This afternoon, we wanted ice cream and then to make love. I suggested he also bring a little dish of tahini, and he did!

We enjoyed our ice cream, lying naked in bed in the hot afternoon, and then I got it first. He spooned little portions of tahini on my nipples. It was cold. Then he licked and sucked it off. He sucked harder than he usually does, and I liked it very much.

Then I dipped my finger in the tahini and painted it onto his nipples, licked and sucked it off. This was very much valuable as a way to let him imagine for a while how this would be on his dick. His eyes were closed. I liked how it felt to attend to his nipples though they're not very sensitive. I liked how it felt to hover over him as he lay on his back.

I painted some tahini on his dick with my fingers and then licked it off, painted more, licked it off, then used it as a sticky lubricant while I jacked him off, licked it off some more as he moaned. I held tight onto the shaft as I sucked and licked the head. I went down on him with all the kindness and nastiness in the world. I tasted the pre-come and felt his dick get its hardest and largest.

That was when I stopped. You're such a good cocksucker, he said.

Then we fucked with him on top of me. He did it hard and deep. I felt special and very pleased. I asked him to hold me down by the wrists. Then I asked him to hold me down by the shoulders, which we very much enjoyed.

I like being held down, pushed down into the bed, which is another of my repetitve fantasies, which I imagined over and over again, all day every day, before we got together: him pushing me back into the bed and forcing me down as he fucked me visciously, and I had no agency and therefore could not be blamed for commiting adultery.

When it hurt, I had him check, and the condom had come off entirely inside of me.

So we masturbated for a while. You make me so horny, I told him. I would die if you didn't fuck me, I said. I've never wanted to fuck anyone like I want to fuck you, I said. I never loved anyone like I love you.

He was knealing on my left, jacking off and touching my left nipple. I masturbated, touching my own right nipple, and I was going to come, but I wanted to fuck some more and asked him if he would fuck me again.

That time he went behind me, and it was just lovely because my cunt was swelled up and tighter than usual. I could feel his dick in such exquisite detail. He gave it to me over and over again. I savored it, knowing he wouldn't come in me, though, which is the new policy for birth control.

I was getting off on imagining him calling me a little whore. For some reason, I was in the mood to fantasize about being degraded, imaging him a little mean, which he isn't.

Stop, I said. I couldn't bear to go any longer without coming. He knealed on my left again, and I masturbated and jacked him off at the same time. I did him fast and did myself slow.

I'm going to come, he told me, and then the white liquid spurted on my face and tits. I held off for as long as I could, and then I was coming too. As I came, he grabbed and massaged my shoulders.

We talked and cuddled and then went to sleep. We napped about an hour. When we woke up, I looked at the clock, and it was 2:30. Are you ready to be people? he asked.

No, I said. I hate waking up from a nap.

Later I made him sandwiches for work with the leftover tahini from the little brown dish. With lettuce and pretend bacon bits, just like he likes it.


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