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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I got him into bed with me. I sucked his dick, to begin with, which happens almost always....

I go down on him until he's moaning and about to come. I have a condom out of its wrapper and waiting. My cunt aches with arousal as I fuck him with my mouth.

Then I put the condom on him and quickly slip him into me. We look into one another's eyes as we real-learn what it feels like for me to ride him. I become confident. I remember how to make it feel best. He murmurs and strains toward me. He plays with my tits, sucks my nipples, paws me and stares, then squeezes his eyes shut and says, Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Then I get on my feet--we're on the floor in the living room--and squat above him, bouncing on his dick fast, grabbing his shoulders and watching him. And then he says, I'm going to come. I watch his face contort, and I revel in his happiness and satisfaction.

Then I lie down, he touches my tits while I rub my clit, and when I know I'll come, I put his hand there to make him do it. When I come, I grab him hard and hold him to me, crying out, high and long, as the orgasm fills my body with the best reward I know and could ever know.

So that's what it's like, lately. Ever since Saturday when he got home from the hike, and I had been looking at porn for three hours. He was dehydrated and exhausted but pleased when I wanted to have my way with him, and I did have my way. He can just lie there--I don't care. I'll do it all to him.


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