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Friday, July 14, 2006

tub spout

When I was a kid and teenager, I had a variety of masturbation methods, but one of my favorites was letting the water in the tub flow over my clitoris until I came. I thought of this all by myself (I didn't speak about masturbation with anyone, when I was 10). It worked very well. I spent a lot of time in the bath.

Today my husband and I were in the shower, and I had him sit on the edge of the tub. I went down on him. His dick was so clean and wholesome. I licked the underside as I fucked him with my mouth. I was in no hurry--we have nothing we need to do. I lay in the tub and sucked him off at my leisure. He moaned and said, It feels so good.

I was happy to bring him some pleasure, but I also felt a little detached and matter-of-fact about it. Going down on him is a true joy but is also a normal thing to do, happy and easy. His cries got louder, and I was a little concerned about the neighbors, but not enough to stop and caution him. My left hand grasped his cock at the base as my mouth sucked away, and my tongue lapped.

My cunt was more interested the louder he became, and he began to lose control as he said, I might come. I like to see him lose control. So I was emotional and very horny by then. He came in my mouth, spurting an unusually large quantity of semen into my mouth, and his dick stayed hard longer than usual. I kept licking until it was mostly small.

Then we cleaned up a bit with the convenient tub water, and I told him I wanted to masturbate like when I was little, and he could sit behind me and touch my tits. I let the water out of the tub, and then I adjusted the stream of water coming from the spout. I positioned my cunt below the stream and put my head in my husband's lap. He soaped up my tits and touched my nipples.

I lay there. I didn't know what to do. It definitely felt good, and my cunt was swelled with arousal, but it was strange not to do anything, to just passively wait for an orgasm from the water. I tried to fantacize, but the stream of water felt so different from the kinds of sex I have with my husband. I liked it, and sometimes I thought I would eventually get to the home-stretch of coming, but after about 20 minutes of this, I gave up.

I guess I can't come this way anymore! I told my husband. We retired to the bedroom. He fucked me with the blue vibrator, and I rubbed my clit until I came. It's the middle finger of my right hand I use. That was difficult too, so maybe I'm just a bit off, today.

These are the primary sentences I imagine being said to me as I masturbate.

I want to fuck you so bad.

I've always wanted to fuck you.

I love you.


At Tuesday, August 22, 2006 6:36:00 PM, Anonymous Scott said...

This seems to be a pretty common method. I've got a few pictures of this (and maybe a video or two) in my porn collection. I think what appeals to me about it is its honesty - it's something women do to pleasure themselves, not something they generally do for the benefit of a man.

I remember one time my ex was taking a bath, and I discovered I could do the same thing with the pitcher I was using to rinse her hair. Would have used the faucet if it had been in a better position. I think I'd have gotten tired of filling and pouring before she came that way, but it was still fun.


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