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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

unio mystica

I just wrote a long post about religious and mystical experiences during sex, and blogger ate it. *sob*

I will mention here briefly that I have mystical experiences during sex often, and my husband does too. All of the sex we have had in recent years involves religious elements to varrying degrees. We often experience the sensation of being one. We often enter trance-like states which result in us feeling healed and transformed.

I often have the feeling that our sex is occurring somewhere other than its actual location, such as a dusty roadside beside a fence. I've also had intense experiences during sex involving colors. For example, after sex I've been able to articulate how I felt we had been enfolded within blue-ness. Everything was blue, and the blue-ness permeated everything we did and felt in a way that was extremely pleasurable.

Also, the feeling of being one with nature--a visceral experience of pantheism?--is something that I have often, during sex and also in other contexts.

Here's a book review where you can read more about unio mystica. Thanks for my friend Sh for asking me to discuss this.


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