authentic experience

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

an overview

We fucked in the bath tub. We did it on our knees, then standing up for as long as his legs could last, then I was squatting on top of him and made him come.

We fucked in bed. We looked at gay porn and men masturbating and then did it like animals, sort of.

We fucked some more, another day.

We fucked regularly and thoroughly.

Last night we talked for a long time about delicate subjects, and then I needed some release. He'd showered after exercising. He was lying there naked, on his back. His balls looked so beautiful, valuable, vulnerable, and clean. I touched them, so big, pink, and soft.

Then I touched his dick a little, and it got bigger. I decided to stop pretending we weren't going to make love and just grabbed it.

I went down on him and used my hand alternately. He would be about to come in my hand, then I would suck it for a while, and he would be about to come in my mouth, and I would jack him off again. It was good.

Then he did come, and I washed up. He told me, You're incredible. He told me what he had been saying to me in his head.

I masturbated and then he made me come, my left nipple in his mouth, his fingers on my clit, and I was happy. We went to sleep after midnight knowing full-well we'd be tired at work, but it was okay.


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