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Friday, September 08, 2006

the past three days

Today I blindfolded him and attended to his dick for a long time. I made him gasp. I didn't let him come when he wanted to. I watched the expression of his mouth to see when to slow down. I jerked him off and went down on him alternately. Finally, he did come, and I was unrelenting. You took me to another plane, he said.

My cunt was dripping, I was so aroused. I washed up and came back to bed, masturbated as he told me what I had done to him. He fucked me with two fingers as I rubbed my clit. He sucked my left nipple. We took me to the edge and backed off twice. Then I cried out as I came.

We were so happy then. We cuddled and daydreamed and asked one another questions like, How did you get so cute?

I showered and snacked and hurried to a religious meeting where one of the chants was asking to be purified of the stain of lust. I grinned to myself.

Do I not belong? Do they know I don't belong? To them, would I be like a thief, if they knew? I like the religion generally, but this is my main disagreement.

Yesterday he fucked me from behind on the living room floor. The day before, we fucked half the afternoon. Being unemployed, we have plenty of time for this. We take a shower, and I lie in bed. Inevitably, I feel so clean and good that it makes me horny. I ask to access his package, and the rest is history.

He was still eating his lunch. I asked him to take his shorts off, and I went down on him while he ate. Let me put this down, he said.

No, it will get cold! I said. So I made him keep eating, which was funny and fun.


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