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Monday, September 11, 2006

in which he is aggresive with me

He touched my breasts and slid his finger into me, rubbed my clit, and I was happy with him in bed, gasping.

Then he fucked my mouth. I wanted it in my throat. I liked the brief feeling of powerlessness and fear as my air supply would get cut off for just a second here and there. It made a thrill go through my body.

I got on all fours, and he fucked me from behind, harder than he ever had. He would go very slow and soft, and then all of a sudden just start pounding me. I didn't know quite what had caused this furious feeling on his part, but I liked it. I felt very submissive and high on the extremes of gentle and rough.

Then we lay back on the bed, and I wanted to come. I was rubbing my clit as he fucked me with two fingers. When I came, again he was aggressive, making me cry out loud and long as he rubbed my clit harder than I do myself, and I liked it.

Then he put on another condom and fucked me from above. He was deep inside me, and I felt so clear-headed and attentive--since I had already come, I could pay a different kind of very close attention to him, and I revelled in the sensations of being penetrated and ridden, watching his face and trying to know what he was feeling.

Then he took the condom off and jacked off on my tits. Only a few seconds and he was coming on me as I pushed them together to provide a good view. There was a lot of it, and we cleaned up and cuddled.

It was afternoon and getting hot. Fall comes and goes, here. Today was summer again.


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