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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

the importance of an afternoon in spring

He was sent home early from work, and we lay in bed naked, talking. I was interested in his package. Your hair, it's so long! I said and ran my fingers through it. It was quite a change from his previous shaved state. I admired the hair's honey color then gently held his balls, feeling their weight. He looked vulnerable and trusting, as he lay there with his eyes closed.

Let's be close, I said, and he agreed. I touched his cock. I was surprised at how quickly he was fully erect in my hand.

Put some lubricant on me, I said, and he did. His fingers were cool as they slipped inside of me, and I liked being entered.

I looked at his cock as I pumped it with my hand. It was dark pink. I touched him roughly. Not very subtle, is it? I asked, and we laughed. He was rubbing my clit while I worked his dick.

You're a miracle here, I said, and I squeezed his cock in my hand. Then I went down on him. I did it quickly, the head of his cock entering the back of my throat, and he groaned. I licked where the head meets the shaft, jacked him off again, went down on him some more, jacked him off faster.

I want you to fuck me, I said. Then I want you to take off the condom and come on me. That's what I had been imagining, a hard fuck, and finally him coming on my tits, watching him do this.

Would you like that? I asked, and he said he would. He got a condom.

Are you ready? he asked. The answer to this question is always known.

He positioned himself between my legs and forced himself into me. I cried out with a little pain and surprise. Then he fucked me hard and fast. He reached for my wrists and pinned me down. I was delighted. I reveled in the feeling of being taken and used. And I didn't even have to ask!

Can you fuck me kneeling? I asked. He said yes, and I asked if he wanted me to put a pillow under my butt, but he said no.

My feet were on his shoulders, and he was pounding me. His face showed the intensity of his feeling. I rubbed my clit, and I knew I would come very quickly. I felt myself approaching the edge and then coming hard as he continued to pound me with this thick cock. I forced myself to be quiet as the feelings tore through me. I lost myself for those few seconds.

When I could think again, I was surprised at how he'd managed not to come when I did. When he was sure I'd had enough, he removed his cock from me, took off the condom, and kneeled to jack off. He looked at my tits and rubbed himself. His face had that almost-violent look. He pawed at my tits, and I watched him as his eyes closed and his body shuddered. Come dribbled from his cock onto my chest, and a stream of it spurted onto my neck. I watched him as the come continued to flow, and his body continued to shudder.

We had both gotten what we wanted. We smiled at one another with a great deal of simple love.


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