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Thursday, February 01, 2007

how good it can feel

We went without for almost a week because of travel to the home of relatives, so yesterday afternoon, I took a shower and was on my way out the door for an errand, but sex seemed like such a good idea. I paused in the middle of dressing and undressed. My husband joined me in bed. Going without for a week, I was feeling a little shy.

Touch my tummy, I said, and he did. It felt good to know I would be getting sex soon.

Touch my breasts, I said, and he did. Yes, I could remember this.

I asked for a penis presentation, and he kneeled to my left. I touched his cock and then sucked it until it was big, and I listened to his unsteady breathing as it slipped in and out of my mouth.

What do you want today? he asked. I wanted him to fuck me, of course. He got a condom and positioned himself between my legs, jacking off for a moment.

I want you so bad, I said.

He slipped into my cunt. He felt substantial and strong on top of me. He felt large and the most welcome possible wanted and necessary inside of me. I savored every thrust. I pushed back with my entire being. I caressed his shoulders and dug my nails in gently. I held him to me. I looked into his eyes and saw his intent expressions.

We fucked in this way for a long time. God, it feels so good, I told him. My clit was getting a lot of contact with his body, and I thought I might come. We were very close. He sucked on my left nipple as he fucked me. I caressed his back and held his upper arms. He groaned and grunted.

Do you want me to turn over? I asked. He nodded. Is that what you want? I asked. He said yes. So I turned over, and he fucked me from behind. He entered me very deeply, and I could tell he was so excited. His animal self was taking over, a self I love. I felt him so intimately, yet I didn't see him, and I like this combination of circumstances. I listened and felt.

Give it to me, I said. Give it to me. He fucked me, and I wiggled my ass at him.

I'm going to come, he said, and he did, fucking me hard, with low, long moans.

After slow and slower thrusts, he withdrew, and I lay down more completely on my tum, my fingers to my clit, and rubbed myself as he held me. He told me that he loves me. My clit was vibrant with pleasure, all ecstatic nerves. I knew that coming would be easy and would feel as good as it gets, so I took my time, unhurried, and consciously relaxed my body, to just languish in the feelings of sex.

Since I was lying on my tum, my husband couldn't touch my breasts, but I like the way it felt to have the bed against me, and his soft, loving hands stroked my back, making me feel so safe.

My clit felt huge, and as I rubbed it slowly, I remembered the fuck I had just received. I imagined his face as he came, a sight I hadn't seen. I imagined us on the bed from third-person perspective. I imagined his cock hitting me at the angles I most enjoy, and the sensation of being penetrated deeply, to the hilt.

The inevitability accumulated, and the pleasure's intensity reached its crescendo. I let myself fall into the feeling and turned my head as I cried out and the pleasure pumped through my body, as real as anything.


At Thursday, February 01, 2007 2:33:00 PM, Blogger hornymaleuk said...

I enjoyed the detail in that posting. Very arousing!

At Thursday, February 01, 2007 7:59:00 PM, Anonymous WistfulVista said...

Thanks for this post, and this blog. It reminds me so much of my spouse, with whom I had many wonderful intimate moments -- ending just as yours do.

At Friday, February 02, 2007 9:54:00 PM, Blogger Rusty Wrists said...

Wonderful entry! I love the imagery in your posts. You have a definite talent.

Do you mind if I ask? I was wondering if your guy ever sucked on your toes. It's the one thing I'm most into, and I'm always curious if others enjoy it as well.

At Saturday, February 03, 2007 8:54:00 AM, Blogger greenlacewing said...

Thanks for these warm comments, Horny, Wistful, and Mr Wrists. I appreciate your appreciation.

To answer your question, Mr Wrists, no, I don't mind that you ask, and no, my husband hasn't sucked my toes, though he has fucked my feet a couple times, which we both enjoyed very much. Maybe one day--I appreciate the suggestion.


At Saturday, February 10, 2007 8:49:00 PM, Blogger Chloe Lemons said...

i love your writing. it drives me crazy when my boyfriend is not here to do anything. i also have started writing about my sex life there is only one post so far about last night. if you could, let me know what you think. again, i love your writing. it's very arousing.

At Monday, February 12, 2007 9:16:00 AM, Blogger greenlacewing said...

Thanks for the praise, and good luck with your new blog.


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