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Thursday, September 14, 2006

something new

Last night we were lying in bed, and I touched his balls with just my fingertips. They felt so soft. I lightly stroked them. Then I grabbed them and jiggled them.

His cock got hard, and I touched it gently with my fingertips too until it was fully large and standing up. I put spit on my hand and started rubbing and pulling his dick in earnest.

Then I alternated among sucking him off, jacking him off slowly, and jerking him off really fast. I would use one method until he was about to come, then change to another method, and do this again and again. He never knew what was next. I might come, he whispered to me, but I didn't let him, and a minute later he would warn me again, but I wouldn't let him.

Finally he was in my mouth, and it was inevitable. I switched to the fast jerking off and watched his face as he lost it. The nice semen spurted on his belly. I kept at it for a long time.

This fast method I have I learned from pornography, gay porn in particular. Even though my husband is circumcised, it's still possible to use the penis-skin like a foreskin and masturbate with the skin itself. Maybe everyone already knows this, but it was news to me, and news to him, and he really likes it.

We talked about it, and he told me how when he was young, masturbation was a shameful thing, and he didn't happily experiment and learn because it was all sad and rushed.

I washed up and came back to bed. He turned on the blue vibrator and fucked me with it while I masturbated. But I wanted both my nipples touched. I stacked two pillows on the bed and mounted them, with the vibrator inside of me, the vibrator propped against the pillows, and fucked it as I rubbed my clit and my husband had both my breasts in his hands.

I wasn't sure if this was an okay thing to do. Always before when we used the vibrator, I was lying on my back, or it was from behind. It felt a little risky to fuck the vibrator in this way, like maybe I would hurt my husband's feelings.

But it felt so good! I rode and rubbed, his thumbs on my nipples, and I could feel myself coming from a long way off--I could feel the inevitability.

I fucked the vibrator hard, rubbed my clit hard, and I was feeling the happy-scared feeling when the orgasm is huge and somehow frightens me, but in a good way--I feel my body is being overtaken by a force so great, it's very out of my control.

I whimpered then moaned and cried as my cunt reached its point of orgasm and my heart pumped the joy-chemicals throughout my body. My cunt felt triumphant and powerful--I felt very powerful and deeply myself.

Later I asked my husband if all of that had been okay, and he was purely delighted with everything. I'm so happy we have one more way of being close now.


At Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:02:00 PM, Anonymous witness said...

There's no reason for you to have been hesitant to let loose like that and it's good to see that he agrees.

At Friday, September 15, 2006 4:06:00 AM, Blogger Fat Controller said...

Delightful...It's always a special thrill when my lady masturbates me...


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