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Monday, April 28, 2008

good girl

I checked out from the library Anais Nin’s book of erotica Delta of Venus and was surprised at how quickly and completely it turned me on. I’m used to reading explicit accounts on sex blogs, but it had been a long time since I read something like that in a book. I lay reading in bed, and my cunt ached with lust. I knew I needed sex badly and soon.

So I took a shower, and then had my husband take a shower. I stood naked in the hall and came to him in the bathroom. He was drying off. I took the towel from him and dried off his back and ass and the backs of his legs.

I put his hands on my breasts. He massaged them and touched my nipples. I touched his balls and led him to bed. I kneeled and took his cock in my mouth. I reached down to touch my cunt and felt its slickness. My clitoris was large and sensitive. I masturbated and sucked his dick. It felt so eager and young. I was struck by the knowledge of his youth. It got bigger in my mouth, and I knew he was really turned on.

Do you like that? I asked, looking at him. I leaned back so he could touch my tits.

Yes, he told me. So I sucked his cock some more. I touched his balls as I sucked it, and I used my hand to jerk him off as I sucked just the head.

I leaned back again so he could touch my tits. Do you like the way I suck your cock? I asked.

Yes, he said. I sucked his cock again. I did it fast. His skin was very present to me, and his shape.

Then I lay back on the bed and gestured that I wanted him on top of me. I rubbed my cunt against his body. He pushed against me rhythmically. I very quietly moaned in rhythm with his pushes.

He pulled away and slipped his fingers against my cunt. He touched my clitoris tenderly. Penetrate me, I said. He slipped his fingers inside me and fucked me with them. Then he touched my clitoris again, more firmly this time. I very quietly moaned.

I sucked his cock again. He was on his knees, and I bent forward to get him in my mouth. I enjoyed the awkwardness of the angle.

I longed to be fucked. I lay back on the bed and told him, I want you to fuck me. He agreed. I twisted around to reach for condoms and handed them to him. I sucked his cock again. He masturbated, slipped on a condom, and slipped himself inside me.

God, I loved how it felt to have him inside of me. He fucked me soundly. I touched my nipples. My right hand was wet from masturbating. I put some of the moisture on my left nipple too. I enjoyed being fucked.

Oh, yeah, I said. That feels so good.

Yeah, he said.

Do you like how it feels to fuck me? I asked.

Yeah, he said.

Does it make your cock feel good? I asked.

Yeah, he said.

If you keep fucking me like this, I’m going to come, I said. My clitoris was rubbing up against his body, and everything was slick. It was inevitable. Is that what you want? I asked.

Yeah, he said.

I would do anything for you, I said.

I would do anything for you, he said. The feelings grew intense.

Slow! I said urgently.

Mmm, he said.

I’m going to come, I said.

Mmm, he said.

And I came. I pushed against him with all the strength of my body. The waves rushed through my body, and I moaned thoughtlessly.

For a long time he continued to fuck me. The feelings grew less intense and receded. I caressed his shoulders and touched his back. I ran my hands over his body slowly.

Then he rolled off me. I tried to put his hand to my cunt, but he refused. He had used that hand to masturbate with for a few seconds earlier, and we try to be very careful (some of his precome might have gotten on his hand, and we wouldn’t want the sperm from his precome to impregnate me).

So I touched my cunt myself. I rubbed myself hard and strained toward the second orgasm. I masturbated--stopped. Masturbated--stopped. Finally I masturbated and kept going until the waves were pushing through my body again, this time quicker and more blinding but over soon.

He looked at me. We cuddled closely.
That was beautiful, he said. Don't you think that was beautiful?

Yeah, I said. We looked at one another. What do you want? I asked.

I want to come, he said. He lay on his back and masturbated. I drew my face close to his cock, just watching. He paused to put more spit on his hand, and I took advantage of the opportunity to put spit on my hand and take over.

I did it slowly, quickly, in sets of three, and he said,
I'm going to come, so I did it fast, and he came in my hand. I kept touching him for a long time. His face was contorted with pleasure when I looked at him--his eyes were closed.

We cleaned up and cuddled more.
Tell me I'm a good girl, I said.

He pet my hair.
You're a good girl, he said. Good girl. Good girl. I was smiling.


At Tuesday, April 29, 2008 8:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful, again. Your language is so descriptive I feel I am present with you in the moment.

At Tuesday, June 03, 2008 8:46:00 AM, Blogger greenlacewing said...

Thank you, anonymous. You make me feel appreciated.


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